Single Review: ‘midnight love’ by girl in red, Intimately Reflects the Complications of Modern Romance

Featured Image: Fabian Fjeldvik

Norwegian singer-songwriter girl in red has returned with the release of ‘midnight love’, the lead single from her highly anticipated debut album. 

The product of 21-year-old Marie Ulven Ringheim, girl in red (stylised all in lower case) is a project that began in 2017, after uploading music to her SoundCloud, where she received thousands of streams. The moniker ‘girl in red’ was inspired by the artist attempting to find her friend, who she had fallen in love with, at a concert and seeing her in the distance wearing a red sweatshirt. Thus, girl in red was born and with her most popular video on YouTube, we fell in love in october, amassing more than fifteen million views. She has built a loyal fanbase through being outspoken on subjects such as mental health and her own sexuality. Impressively producing her first two EP’s, chapter 1 and chapter 2, in her bedroom studio, girl in red has become renowned for her unapologetic lyrics on queer love- even making the cover of Gay Times at only 20 years old without an entire album under her belt. 

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girl in red on the Cover of Gay Times by Hanifah Mohammad

Capturing the perspective of an individual who is aware that they are a last resort, ‘midnight love’ conveys the anguish at not being able to tell someone, “I can’t be your second best”. Almost becoming girl in red’s trademark, her lyrics are as direct as ever, yet she ironically portrays one who is unable to stand up and express their repeatedly hurt feelings, “say I’m not your consolation prize”. Sorrow fills girl in red’s tone, as she encapsulates the experience of one who knows that they deserve better, but repeatedly gives in and answers the midnight calls of another longing to be loved. Tragically knowing that they won’t acknowledge them once the sun rises. 

Cover Art for ‘midnight love’ by Fabian Fjeldvik

girl in red’s dreamy vocals are complimented with a prominent melancholic instrumental, that enhances the sense of heartache ‘midnight love’ arouses. The slow, sombre notes of the piano contrast the speedily plucked guitar strings, foreshadowing the mournful nature of the song. The lyrics and low-fi pop sound of ‘midnight love’, is reminiscent of high school teen dramas, resulting in the song appearing to almost mimic the soundtrack of a melodramatic film. 

Upon speaking to NME, girl in red stated the song is about her making someone “feel very small”. Rather than suffering herself, girl in red spoke of how she was the one to inadvertently treat someone in this way, with this song being the product of her reflection on her own actions. Not only is girl in red’s personal growth continual, but the growth of her music is too. Ultimately, her latest track ‘midnight love’ provides an intimate insight into the complications of modern relationships. The indie singer’s self-awareness can only aid in inspiring others to take accountability for their actions, as content such as this serves as a reminder that no one is perfect and human relationships are messy. 

‘midnight love’ is available on all streaming platforms and girl in red’s debut album, world in red, is due October 2020. 

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