Single Review: Ruby Hive Continue to Spread Joy With Latest Track ‘The Bird Song’

Featured Image: Ruby Hive

Bursting onto the indie scene with a splash of colour, London-based band Ruby Hive are once again proving that the genre doesn’t need to be overburdened with gloomy songs. Their latest track ‘The Bird Song’, may focus on the feeling of entrapment, however, it remains intensely upbeat while doing so, thus subverting expectations that as an alternative act they will primarily produce melancholic content.

The self-proclaimed ‘quirky’ band have already achieved recognition, from winning Battle of the Bands earlier this year to best song for their debut single, ‘You Mix’. These accolades come after years of playing live gigs around London, and a performance at the Royal Albert Hall for the MFY Proms in 2019.

Jessie Morgan

‘The Bird Song’ is unique in the ways it encompasses the sounds of nature within it, beginning with vocals harmonising to mimic the calls of birds. Echoing the recognisable cooing of creatures such as owls and pigeons results in an instant sense of familiarity. The ordinary cries of common birds reverberating through the song is reminiscent to one of home and everyday life. The track is essentially about a bird who longs to “fly away”, but it is trapped within a cage, presenting a strikingly relevant topic about the current situation. Not only are the bird-like notes familiar, but the feeling of being captured in an enclosed space has become increasingly discernible over the past few months. “Every day’s the same when you’re locked up in a cage” are lyrics which we can easily resonate with, seemingly reflecting upon the monotony that has engulfed the lives of many.

Olivia Baker Smith

Despite ‘The Bird Song’ tackling motifs of alienation and loneliness, it persists in being a feel-good song, by featuring lively lyrics and funky instruments to create an all-round uplifting experience. Ruby Hive stand out, through their experimentation of incorporating different elements into the track, such as whistling and actual birdsong. As well as complimenting the duet, this use of audio reflects how humanity is perpetually entwined with nature. Very fitting for a time where we have become even more connected with our surroundings.

The five-piece were set to be playing in Sweden this summer before all live events were cancelled. However, we sincerely hope that this has not deterred them, and their gigs will continue with the same gusto once it is safe to do so. They are undoubtedly one of the most exciting up-and-coming, indie-pop bands of recent years. Their alternative, yet incredibly fun style is dazzling on the senses. Amongst a musical arena that often overflows with pessimism, their music offers a refreshingly stark contrast. The world may be in turmoil, however, every single which Ruby Hive have released is comparable to an instant kick of serotonin. They’re a joy to sing aloud to. Mark our words, this is the band of the year to give a hoot about. You heard it here first.

‘The Bird Song’ is out now.

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