Women Who Run the Music World: Featuring Vicki Gordon, Karena Evans, Ksenia Sitnik and Marta Salogni

Written by: Alex Brian, Sam Postlethwaite, Valerie Stupnikova & Camilla Whitfield

Featured Image: Karena Evans Jack Roy via Karena Evans Instagram

“Who run the world? Girls!”These iconic words sang by Beyoncé has been empowering women for over a decade. Despite the music industry being predominately led by men, especially in the realm of live production- we deemed it only fitting to feature some of the many influential women in the industry. From Australian-based trailblazer, Vicki Gordon to Canadian music video director, Karena Evans– each of these women may work in different areas of the music industry, however, they all have one thing in common. They have each consistently paved their way for success, inspiring other women to do the same. We hope you’ll find these incredible women as motivating as us.

Vicki Gordon

By Alex Brian

Vicki Gordon via Women In Music Australia Instagram

Working as a producer, manager and marketing director, Vicki Gordon discovered the extent of how women were underrepresented in the Australian music industry. Since then, she has dedicated her life towards empowering women in the arts – a life that has led her to become the founder of the Australian Women In Music Awards and her own charity, Cicada International. Her other projects include Australia’s first aboriginal women’s music festival, first-ever all-girls rock festival and first training programme for female DJs. Through her work, Gordon has empowered countless women to pursue a career in music.

Gordon has also promoted the rights of first Australians, earning her a myriad of awards. As well as being named one of the Australian Financial Review’s 100 Women of Influence, her assortment of music, films, musicals and documentaries have been critically acclaimed. Each of these attributes makes her an inspiration to every woman struggling to make it in an overly male-dominated industry.

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Karena Evans

By Sam Postlethwaite

Dean Rosen via Karena Evans Instagram

Karena Evans is a Canadian music video director, and at just 24 years old has already made a name for herself in the industry- courtesy of her aesthetically pleasing visuals and collaborations with influential artists. Her career-defining moment came after directing the music video for ‘God’s Plan’ by Drake, for which she won Video of the Year at the 2018 BET Awards. The video went viral and has since accumulated over 1 billion views. Evans has gone on to direct further videos for Drake, including one for the hit song ‘In My Feelings’. 

As well as winning a multitude of awards for her work, Evans was also the first woman to ever be honoured with the Prism Prize Lipsett Award, an award that recognises artists for their unique approach to music video art. Highly in demand for her talent, she has also directed music videos for SZA, Coldplay and Jay Rock. Evans’ ambition knows no bounds, as she is also an actress. Her most prominent role yet was in the 2018 drama ‘Firecrackers’.

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Ksenia Sitnik

By Valerie Stupnikova 

via Ksenia Sitnik Instagram

 Ksenia Sitnik is a self-made poet, journalist, and musician. From an early age, her passion was singing and this led her to take part in many competitions, including the 2005 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. She represented Belarus and was the first Belarusian to win the competition. After winning the contest, she released her first CD My Vmeste (“We Are Together”) and a few music videos. 

Recently, Sitnik has studied journalism and this has taught her how to clearly express ideas and thoughts. She is very active on Instagram and often posts philosophical ideas, her poetry and aesthetically beautiful pictures. Furthermore, she owns a wedding studio Marry me, based in Prague, Czech Republic. Sitnik is also working on a poetic video-project with her friend – Kинжал XXV, which translates as “a dagger”. On her Instagram, Sitnik enjoys answering questions and has previously admitted that her dream is to become a writer. Ultimately, Sitnik is a quintessential role model for young people, as she represents educated millennials. 

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Marta Salogni

By Camilla Whitfield

Riana Tamara via Marta Salogni Instagram

Italian record producer, mixer and recording engineer, Marta Salogni has gained various prestigious awards for her work, including 2018 Music Producers Guild (MPG) Breakthrough Engineer of the Year and 2020 MPG Breakthrough Producer of the Year. Salogni’s signature style uses tape machines as instruments to compose her own material and she works in her studio, ‘Zona’, based at London Fields. 

After moving to London from her native Italy, Salogni studied at audio school Alchemea and worked as a runner/assistant to a producer/engineer. This inspired Salogni to work in all areas of production and helped to build her confidence. Her first session as a studio engineer was with Radiohead’s drummer, Phil Selway. Since then, Salogni has worked as a recording engineer for the likes of FKA Twigs and Blossoms. She has also utilised her skills on Dream Wife’s forthcoming album and Bjork’s album, Utopia. Bjork has previously spoken out against the lack of females seen in music production- a topic close to Salogni’s heart, which only strengthened her drive for success.

Earlier this year, Salogni released an album titled, Impeachment Trial Tapeswhich reference President Trump’s impeachment and the unlikelihood of a fair trial. Profits raised will go to RAICES and ACLU. Recently, Salogni has also taken part in a ‘Sound Engineers For Justice’ collective, organised by Underground Producers Alliance. Salogni is also part of an ensemble called, Melos Kalpa. Salogni sets an example for others- especially young women interested in breaking into the music industry- that with hard work and determination, anything is possible.

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