It’s All Looking Up for Pop-Punk Artist Tally Spear: Singer-Songwriter, Co-producer and Music Video Editor

Featured Image: Jimi Herrtage via Tally Spear Instagram

Raised in South-West London, singer-songwriter Tally Spear came face to face with the social injustices and personal conflicts that thrive in the hectic environment of our capital city. She grew up surrounded by creativity, her mother was an actress and her father was a musician. This gave her an amazing gift, which she could use to lyrically explore the spirit of London. By the tender age of 8, she was trained in piano and was already making original music. Since then, Spear has also taught herself guitar. Musically, her talent comes from her ability to fuse the traditional rock and folk music she was brought up with, alongside the gothic pop music she has come to love. Spear has already released three songs this year, each intentionally unique both in sound and the topics it discusses. It not only highlights her dedication to becoming a well-known figure in the music industry, but also proves that her dream is easily within her grasp. 

Via Tally Spear Instagram

After making several accomplished rock and country tracks, Tally Spear has changed direction towards a darker style influenced by the likes of Billie Eilish and Lana Del Rey. ‘What Do I Want’ consists of deep, rebellious chanting over synthesised bass. She also reveals yet another genre she has up her sleeve: funk. However, the song doesn’t only stand out for its unforgettable beat and bassline; it is remarkable as a new take on the sombre yet threatening approach to music, which has resonated so well with this generation. She has taken this style and added her own distinctive mark: an epic chorus filled with powerful vocals and roaring synthesisers. The pre-chorus is just as catchy – every time she returns to that high note it feels like a shout of disapproval at the world she is trapped in. Through the track, Spear reveals her insecurities and recounts moments when she’s felt lost and unsure of what to do. However, despite its honest storytelling, Spear retains her formidable attitude throughout – a personal “f**k you” to life’s problems.

An equally anthemic chorus can be found in ‘Can’t Find What I’m Looking For’. With beautiful vocal harmonies and melismatic runs, this track explores dissatisfaction in another light. “I’m feeling fine, but I want more” is Tally Spear’s message. She writes about the repetitive nature of life not being enough. The harsh guitar chords of the chorus perfectly evoke her restlessness, whilst the fierce energy of the song replicates the thrill she desires. The bridge section reveals the emptiness she is feeling, her voice accompanied solely by a bassline and a synth pad. This lasts only for an instant, revealing the extent of her passion for a better life. Once again, her bass-soaked tracks provide the ideal soundtrack for anyone feeling angry at the world.

Her latest single, ‘Already Gone’ is much more guitar-driven, with a striking sequence that introduces the track with an air of malice. The sudden excerpts of muffled audio create the uneasy feeling of dislocation, which perfectly complement the theme of unwelcome change which surrounds the song. The track is driven forward by a heavy bassline, yet the thrilling chorus still comes unexpectedly. Tally exclaims, “What’s going on?”, reflecting the detachment from life she has described throughout each of the three singles. The mix of whispers, cries and incensed chanting all conspire to create a vocally diverse track, which is full of surprises. The final part of the song introduces heavily distorted guitar to heighten the tension, followed by a concoction of sounds that further exemplify feelings of disorder and confusion. The sparse instrumentation of the final chorus is goosebump-inducing. Spear’s mighty voice sounds lonely without a mass of synthesised sound. Although listeners can only wonder whether the speaker ever gets used to life’s constant changes, the ending does seem hopeful, with an accumulation of sounds towards a final, defiant, “I’m Already Gone”.

All three of these tracks will be featured on her debut E.P, which is set to be released this summer. Tally’s sound is the perfect excuse to reveal your inner goth, even as the sun shines. We can only wait in anticipation to see what Spear has in store for us with her brand-new punk-infused style of pop.

‘Already Gone’ , ‘Can’t Find What I’m Looking For’ and ‘What Do I Want’ are available on all streaming platforms. Her debut E.P is due to be released this Summer.

Find Tally Spear on: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Spotify | Website

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