Tetrarch Are the Rock-Metal Band Breaking Barriers With Their Diamond in the Rough

Featured Image: Jeremy Saffer via Tetrarch Instagram

Hailing from Atlanta, metalcore band Tetrarch have made history within the rock genre. Their lead guitarist, Diamond Rowe, is the first-ever, African-American, female, metal guitarist to be featured in major press publications in the USA. Ten years after Tetrarch’s creation, Rowe has been featured in Guitar WorldPG and Guitar Player in 2017 and her influence is yet to dwindle.

Having had her first guitar lesson on her 12th birthday, Rowe originated from a state where hip-hop and folk music were the most popular genres. Last year, Rowe represented the band in Guitar Girl Magazine and spoke of their success relating to the correlation between hard work and real fans. Rowe was also mentioned in “What Are You Doing Here?”, a non-fiction documentary on the life of a black woman in the heavy metal music industry, written by Canadian journalist Laina Dawes.

Jeremy Saffer via Tetrarch Instagram

Sharing stages with some of the biggest rock acts of our time, including Foo Fighters, Korn and Avenged Sevenfold- Tetrarch’s popularity has only increased with time. Amongst a scene that is dominated by white men, Tetrarch are able to reach a demographic many cannot.

Tetrarch worked with producer Dave Otero to independently release their debut album Freak, in October of 2017. The title of the album resonated with the band’s members and fans alike, as it inspired all to accept the more unusual traits of their personality. Freak was commended for allowing Rowe to showcase her talents, making her an idol for many young women. Especially, for those aspiring to be part of the heavy metal community. Alongside her love for shredding, Rowe has also declared her passion for “solos with a purpose”. This highlights how every factor contributing to the band’s first album is centred around carrying a message.

Jeremy Saffer via Tetrarch Instagram

The now L.A-based band recently released their first single ‘I’m Not Right’, from their forthcoming album Unstable. The band has stated that the single is from the perspective of one who looks in the mirror and hates the reflection staring back at them. However, they still incorporate their all-round positive attitude into their music. Despite their new track initially seeming to have a grim outlook, the band have assured fans that ‘I’m Not Right’ is instead a message to look within. It’s a track built around motivating others to become the very best version of themselves. The band not only acknowledges that everyone has flaws, but encourages individuals to embrace them. Despite their dark attire and aesthetics, their progressive values persistently seep into their music, radiating an unexpected zeal. 

Tetrarch worked with director Scott Hansen for the ‘I’m Not Right’ music video, which depicts the story of a teenage girl who is bullied by her classmates. However, the young girl seemingly takes revenge upon her bullies, by performing a ritual that results in the loss of one girl’s hair and teeth. Macabre imagery frequently punctures the video- such as the flashing images of animal skulls, blood pouring from a clenched fist and zombie-like hands clawing at a red window. The tropes of a horror movie overflow out of the video, representing the living hell many go through when bullied. However, it commendably illustrates the determination of one who may be considered weak. The teenage girl does not give in and accept defeat, therefore carrying a valuable message for not only fans of Tetrarch, but for all who listen.

Unstable is due to be released in the autumn of 2020.

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