Indie-Folk Band Café Spice Releases Latest Track ‘She Loves and Leaves’ + Music Video Premiere

Featured Image: Sophie Silver 

Refusing to be dormant during lockdown, folk-pop band Café Spice is back, with a live video for their latest single, ‘She Loves and Leaves’.

The Manchester-based band began their journey in an Indian takeaway. Since then, they’ve gone from creating their music in basements to performing at shows across the country. After signing with new independent label Snide Records, ‘She Loves and Leaves’ is Café Spice’s fourth official single to be released. It is a soothing track, demonstrating how they expertly blend their three-part vocal harmonies. Their songwriting prowess is at the forefront of their efforts and their innate skill of blending indie-pop, with folk elements is second to none. The band stated, “If you’ve ever been confused about love, nestle down and plug in your headphones – this song is for you”. Since its release last month, the single has had over 5k streams on Spotify and has been named ‘most voted song’ on Tom Robinson’s Fresh on the Net.

Single Artwork by Cara Looij

The live video features a stripped back, extended version of the original song. Despite relying solely on heavenly harmonies and the acoustics of a guitar, their live performance remains a powerful one. The song is laid bare, with Café Spice having no need for complex special effects or post-production editing, to enhance the video. Their raw talent is captivating enough, with the video being an outright display of an all-encompassing heartache. Melodies fuse with lyrics that dissect romantic relationships, bestowing an air of wisdom on the band. The permanence of love is scrutinised, “like sand between your fingers, I slip without a sound”.

The layout of the video further compliments the girls’ enlightened lyrics. Due to the pandemic, they could not seemingly be in the same room to record the video, however, they have not let this stop them. Using a split-screen to mirror a live performance where all would usually share the stage, the video retains an organic feel. Keeping it as simple as possible, even the aesthetics of each individual align, with every member matching in their neutrally coloured attire. Less is certainly more, as they also appear to be in areas of totally natural light, highlighting how little artificial elements can be found within this band.

Having been compared to indie-folk contemporaries HAIM and The Staves, Café Spice is fast becoming “the ultimate girl band of their childhood dreams”. Last year saw Café Spice performing a myriad of live gigs throughout the UK, earning a spot at Sligo Live Festival and ending the year with a headline show at Band on the Wall, Manchester. Showing no signs of slowing down, the band recently launched a new range of merchandise, consisting of exquisite, handmade posters. Their merchandise was designed by artist Cara Looij, who also created the stunning single artwork for, ‘She Loves and Leaves’. This year, Café Spice supported singer-songwriter Sorcha Richardson in February, and had their latest single played by tastemaker Shell Zenner, on Amazing Radio. In addition to gaining a new drummer, the band are also set to play their performance debut at Liverpool Sound City. They’re successfully beginning to make a name for themselves, in the Manchester music scene and beyond.

‘She Loves and Leaves’ is available to listen to on all streaming platforms.

Keep up with Café Spice here:


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