Yasmine Summan: Combining Her Love of Music With Her Dedication to Human Rights

Featured Image: Yasmine Summan

Content creator and journalist, Yasmine Summan, describes herself as both a music and human-rights journalist. She has quickly built a name for herself by combining her love of bands, and her dedication to using her platform to stand up for others. 

It all began in her bedroom in Birmingham, with the start of her Youtube channel- formerly known as ‘The Random Explorer’. 4 years later, the self-described “Emo Queen of YouTube”, has amassed over 14.7k subscribers on her channel. Known for her adoration of alternative bands such as Pierce The Veil and Beartooth, she shares a range of music-related videos with her followers- including artist interviews and album reviews. A true Jack of all trades, she also shares makeup tutorials and fashion inspiration videos as well.

Yasmine Summan (@yasminesumman)

Regarding her work on wider issues, she has published various articles on her website, such as ‘The Internet is gay: queerness in new media‘ and ‘Asexuality: beyond sex’. Summan is a true advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, as she is unafraid to speak up and share her opinion on various prominent topics. One of her most unusual but informative experiences, involved her participation in the BBC Documentary – ‘Is this Sexual Harassment?’. She has also uploaded a video on ‘Why Representation In music Is Crucial’, where she discussed topics such as female musicians and the representation of women in festival line ups. Furthermore, her work across her socials to promote awareness for the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, has been invaluable for giving a voice for those who need it. Her video ‘Being Black In Rock Music: Racism And Diversity// Ft Meet Me At The Altar, Pulses And More!, is certainly worth a watch! Summan represents the young generation who are fighting against discrimination and abuse, championing inclusivity. 

A keen journalist, Summan has also worked with several publications, including rock and metal focused magazine Distorted SoundIn January 2020, she had an internship with Dazed Media as an intern reporter. After the experience, Summan said that she found “a new love for social media related reporting”, while learning to write for new audiences. 

 Despite covering serious topics, Summan is still widely regarded as a charismatic and funny person. This easily comes across through her Youtube channel and successful Tik Tok videos, where her personality shines through. Summan also shares a range of photography on her other Instagram account, @wowitakephotos– including her live event photography and dabbles in landscapes and portraits. Always humble, she has previously confessed that doing concert photography is quite tough, as “it’s so hard to take still images in that atmosphere”. However, she still manages to capture many exceptional shots. 

Yasmine Summan ( @wowitakephotos)

Commenting on her social media management, she admits that growing up “in the digital boom” and “being a fresh-faced gen z” are her main selling points for working in the journalism field. When asked how she manages to find the energy for so many projects, she comments that: “I just really enjoy what I love, and I find the passion to create in the love for my job.” She believes that the definition of success is the happiness gained by doing what you love. A poignant thought, we have to agree. We look forward to seeing what she does next. 

You can subscribe to Yasmine Summan’s channel here and you can also find her photography here.

Keep up with Yasmine Summan:

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