Journalist and Creator, Lucy McCourt Is An Inspiration to Her Generation

Featured Image: Lucy McCourt

Securing a viable career path in both the music industry and journalism is certainly a difficult feat to accomplish. Those worlds are a crowded market, full of talented people all desperate to follow their dreams. However, one woman who has managed just that is Lucy McCourt. Since the age of 14, she has been running a music blog, working as hard as she could to achieve her dream of turning that hobby into something she could do for a living. Now, five years on, she is a double UK Blog Awards nominee and has over 12k followers on Instagram. She’s even the PR manager for several bands and artists. Through her work, she motivates many others who wish to follow in her footsteps. Not only due to her amazing success, but also the amount of time she puts into social activism, and making the music industry a better place.

Lucy McCourt’s Feminist Activism (@lucy_mccourt_blog)

One reason she really stands out to us at Atomic Vox, is her dedication to achieving gender equality in the music business. Last year, her page went viral for exposing the lack of female artists on festival line-ups. Using Photoshop, she removed every male musician from different festivals and revealed the shockingly bare picture which remained. Whilst she received many positive comments, she was also sent messages declaring that there couldn’t possibly be any women good enough to appear on those line-ups.

 However, Lucy McCourt does not give up on an argument easily; she was quick to respond with another article on the number of equally talented women who could have replaced some of the men. Following this, she designed a poster for International Women’s Day, filled with female artists that deserve recognition. She then used the proceeds to send copies to UK festivals and venues. As well as this, she shared ten female music industry professionals who inspire her, proving once again the number of talented women whose careers are being stalled purely because of their gender.

It’s brilliant how outspoken she is on her opinions. Most recently, she has launched the Artists Against Harassment Campaign, which aims to end sexual harassment at concerts and festivals. She hopes that by getting musicians to use the hashtag, #NotAtMyGig and share their solidarity with the cause, women will feel more comfortable watching live music- knowing that their complaints will be taken seriously and that the artist wants a safe environment for everyone.

As well as championing gender equality, she is a well-known supporter of the UK Labour party as well as LGBTQ+ and minority rights. Using her platform in the best way possible, Lucy McCourt has been sharing her support for the Black Lives Matter campaign, through both her social media and her website. She spent a day listening to black artists and learning about their race’s history of oppression, which resulted in an excellent article on her top ten black musicians- featuring the likes of Caleb Steph, Mysie and Daisy Godfrey. She has also publicised campaigns aimed at saving independent retailers, grassroots venues and the planet. She’s even set up her own charity events.

The Second Issue of Her ‘Into The Grooves’ Magazine – Lucy McCourt

However, McCourt does not stop there. As well as supporting all these worthy causes, she edits her very own magazine. Into The Grooves was designed to give young people the creative opportunities that are currently lacking in the music industry. Run by McCourt and her friend, Michael, the publication presents the new face of music journalism, through the two issues they have released so far.

Lucy McCourt narrates the music world with a style full of personality and enthusiasm. As well as writing reviews and promoting bands, she is devoted to creating the new phase of the music industry: one with more opportunities, whatever gender, race, sexuality or age. She does not shy away from personal or political issues, confiding in her followers with her problems. She speaks openly about her issues with emetophobia and body positivity. In short, Lucy McCourt is not just a vinyl fanatic and a music lover; she is a true inspiration.

Find her on: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Blog

Keep up with Into The Grooves: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Website | Spotify

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