The Creatives Movement X The Quarantine Mixtape: A Gig Empowering Women & Showcasing The Future of The Industry

Featured Image: The Creatives Movement & The Quarantine Mixtape

The creative sector has undoubtedly taken a hit this year and live streams seem to have become the new ‘normal’. However, The Creatives Movement and The Quarantine Mixtape have come together on a collaborative gig for the first time to empower female artists and prove that the future of music is still bright.

Before the artists sent in their performances to be put together, The Creatives Movement and The Quarantine Mixtape arranged 1-on-1 calls with them so that they could talk about topics, such as female representation in the industry, equality, pitching to blogs, and the social media industry. In addition to this, they also provided other resources and tools for them, so that they’d continue to be fully supported even after the show had taken place. They also pre-recorded the gig so the artists could have complete control of their performances so that there was no chance of the videos lagging in comparison to a live-streamed gig. Another fantastic aspect was that it was also available for the whole weekend so that as many people could watch it as possible.

The Quarantine Mixtape

What began as a passion project by Celia in April 2020, has become a serious helping-hand for small and unsigned artists who are just starting out. Despite festivals and concerts being cancelled, The Quarantine Mixtape has utilised the power of social media, helping to promote new artists, as well as working on the marketing side of their campaigns – a valuable aid during the wake of coronavirus.

Creatives Movement Pop

Since its creation in June, The Creatives Movement, founded by Mollie Prendergast, has been putting on paid performances for emerging artists every fortnight, to allow them to showcase their talents. By creating these opportunities for artists who otherwise wouldn’t be able to tour, they’ve created a beacon of light for those attempting to cut their teeth in the industry. Despite their different formats, both are united in their passion for promoting both emerging and female artists.

Before the show could begin, we were reminded that the profits made, would be going to the Music Venue Trust’s campaign for grassroots venues across the country, #saveourvenues. You can donate to their Crowdfunding campaign here. They also discussed the importance of playing artists’ tracks, buying them on iTunes, and sharing their music – as each small step will play a significant part in helping the music community. Certainly, something to keep in mind during these strange times and beyond.

Together they chose four artists who they thought would empower those identifying as female – from Italian vocalist Federica Campini to Californian singer-songwriter Olivia Ramos, each artist was handpicked for their talent and individuality.

Jackie Therrien

Jackie Therrien

She may only be sixteen years of age, but Jackie Therrien has already honed her craft far beyond her years. Based in New Hampshire, she not only writes her material but produces it too, as well as being accomplished on the piano, guitar, clarinet, and the ukelele. The charming reason she writes music is, “because at times it’s easier to say something when you put a tune to it.”

Her opening track ‘Beautiful Boy’, is the first song that she’s released after her second album, Dreaming. It is a softly sung tribute to falling in love, made even more personal from her bedroom acting like her stage. The soft strumming from her cherry-red acoustic guitar meshes perfectly with her soaring vocals. 

It was swiftly followed up by ‘Kissed’, her second track from her album Dreaming. Noting that its theme is “self-explanatory” from the title, her emotions are also beautifully illustrated in every track, which not many artists can capture. Swapping her guitar for her piano, it acts as a soft ballad, continuing in a similar vein to ‘Beautiful Boy’.

Her next track for us, ‘Best Friend and My Lover’, was introduced by stating it was about, “falling in love with your best friend, and all the little things you don’t notice about someone until you fall in love with them”. It is also the track that means the most to her. Her indie-pop musings are perfectly wrapped up in nostalgia, and this track, in particular, allowed her skills to really shine.

Her final track ‘Get My Attention’, the first single and from the debut album, Love Letters is just as relatable. She notes how this song was written, “about a lot of different people at different times of my life”. It follows the age-old tradition of somebody who you try to resist always ends up capturing your attention. Beautifully piano-driven, it was an enchanting end to her set.

You can listen to Jackie Therrien‘s second studio album, Dreaming, is available on all streaming platforms.

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Federica Campini

Federica Campini

A natural choice for a show empowering women, we were told during her set how Federica Campini’s interest in feminism grew over lockdown. Despite noting that women may be afraid to express themselves in a patriarchal society, she positively stated that, “it’s changing, but slowly”.

Currently based in London, Campini is a 23-Year-Old Italian artist, whose favourite bands range from Coldplay to Panic at the Disco. A recent Musical Theatre graduate, she studied at Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts, but she’s now also interested in exploring the idea of becoming a songwriter. Ever since she was little, she accompanied herself on the piano, as well as studying acting and dancing in both Milan and London. The touching reason she loves music is that it, “gives you life” when you’re performing.

Surrounded by twinkling fairy lights in her bedroom, her first track ‘Mad About You’, was an exceptional cover of Hooverphonic’s classic number. It was an immediate introduction to her powerful vocals. Her second track ‘No Roots’, is a track which we may have all heard, however, Campini’s twist on the track was fresh and breathed new life into the radio favourite.

Her next track was a cover of ‘Dancing’ by Elisa, a song close to Campini’s heart. She explained that performing it always makes her emotional, as it’s the first track that she ever learned. Containing a lot of challenging falsettos, she sings it perfectly and appears visibly moved. There’s always something special about an artist who visibly throws themselves into their art.

Her final track, ‘My Reasons’, was no less emotional. Dedicated to her mother, who is sadly no longer here, Campini wrote it over the last few months. Despite commenting that, “the writing was scary, as what if it wasn’t good?”, the writing process was highly natural. Slow and soul-stirring, her vocals took centre stage, drawing you in to listen.

One of the most uplifting aspects of this ‘live gig’ was how after each set, they interviewed the artist to pick their brains on topics such as how they got into music to what their goals were for the future. Despite lockdown being hard mental health-wise, Campini has kept her goals in mind and been sending songs to record labels in London, as well as going for theatre auditions when she can – an inspiring artist to listen to.

You can watch more of Federica Campini’s uploads on her Youtube channel here

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Emma McCarthy

Emma McCarthy

A raw pop artist based in the U.K, Emma McCarthy is a force to be reckoned with. The 21-Year-Old takes inspiration from the likes of Sam Fender and Lewis Capaldi, aiming to create memorable lyrics that are relatable to others. After graduating with a First Class BA Honours degree in Performing Arts, she already has clear evidence of her talent.

Her opening track ‘Real Life Change’ was an immediate introduction to her world. Released on Spotify in September, it was produced by Johny Amos, who she worked with on an artist development scheme, through Mas Records. As her soaring vocals proclaimed, “I’ve got my demons I need to face”, it was a delightfully motivating track. Throwing herself into her music, she introduced herself in between the song, before diving straight into her next number.

Her second track, ‘She Used To Be Mine’, was taken from the musical, Waitress. As she returned to her roots, you couldn’t help but notice that she possesses a voice made for the stage. She may only be in her living room, but she’s already well-prepared for the role of the leading lady. Her third track was a cover of ‘Ex’s & Oh’s’. Having already proved that dancing and performing comes naturally to her, she carried it off with ease, perfectly hitting each note. 

Her fourth track was a stripped-back special of her original track ‘Acting’, just for us. It’s about acting like something that you’re not, and she explains it’s also about, “Looking at the mirror and not liking what you see”. It also features a strand of hope running through it, as she sings, “One day I’ll learn to love myself”. As well as her track ‘Acting’, her next track, ‘Away For Too Long’, was produced by her friend Tom Westlake, who also produces tracks for his band, ‘Last one Home’ – proving the power of collaborating with creative kindred spirits.

Her final track was the demo version of her track ‘Away For Too Long’. Encompassing issues of attachment and relationships, the lyrics are especially harrowing and heart-wrenching, as she sings, “They say they’re gonna stay/ But they always walk away” and “Please don’t go away for too long”. Beautifully moving, it’s an alt-pop masterpiece, which you will surely have on repeat when it’s finally released.

When live gigs resume, we have been warned that we can expect some self-proclaimed, “storytelling bangers” from her set, as she adores indie music mixed with deep lyrics – in a similar fashion to that of Sam Fender. Her next track ‘Away For Too Long’, is expected to be released in January, so we can certainly look forward to that.

You can stream Emma McCarthy’s latest track, ‘Real Life Chains’ on all streaming platforms.

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Olivia Ramos

Olivia Ramos

Based in Los Angeles, singer-songwriter Olivia Ramos inherited her interest in music from her parents. Her father introduced her to genres such as rock, classical, disco, and Latin, whereas her mother showed her musical theatre and opera. Although, her interest in music wasn’t fully realised until after she lost a dear family member at the age of twelve, and turned to music for comfort. Her influences range from the likes of Lady Gaga and Demi Lovato to Eminem. Interestingly, her unique style consists of contrasting sweet lyrics with a dark sound.

Immediately apparent from her first note, Olivia Ramos is an artist who exudes confidence. She may be performing to a camera, but as she gives it her all, it could easily be to a full auditorium. She dances throughout the tracks and in between as she performs an eclectic mix of originals of covers. Her first track was her take on Lady Gaga’s, ‘Hair’, which certainly did the Chromatica hitmaker proud. Her next offering is ‘Anyone’ by Demi Lovato, Ramos’ vocals are undeniably impressive – belting out the lyrics, she easily made it her own, definitely doing the emotional track justice.

The first original she shared with us was, ‘Basic Cali Girl’. Ramos explained that it was inspired by all of the mean girls, while she was growing up as a teenager. However, at its core, it’s explained to be “a girl anthem to embrace people’s beauty as we’re all unique in own way”. The lyrics are wonderfully tongue-in-cheek, such as, “why are you the ice queen always looking down”.

The theme of empowerment carried on to her last song of the night. Her upbeat alt-pop track ‘Invincible Girl’, was written to all the girls to who she used to look up to and compare herself to, as she states that she, “was really insecure as a teenager”. After writing it as a reflection, she notes, “Screw beauty standards, we’re all beautiful in our own way. It’s about what’s inside that counts”. Wiser words were never spoken. Despite failing to hit some of the notes during her set, it has to be noted, that as she picks up for the chorus, she sings, “Now she’s unstoppable”, and “She owns it, she’s an invincible girl” – a quintessential last reminder for the night.

At the moment, she’s working with the company Underdogs, and she’s hoping to release some tracks soon, hopefully, by March. An artist with such commendable creativity and a wide range of influences, it’s exciting to think about what she will release next – only time will tell.

You can listen to Olivia Ramos’ latest track, ‘Invincible Girl’, on all streaming platforms.

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