Review: Empowering Pop Artist Mimoza’s Latest Track ‘Young Queen’ Couldn’t Be More Relevant

Featured Image: Valmir Karakushi

In light of Women’s History Month, it was only right to showcase one of pop’s newest and most empowering voices. Through her music, Mimoza inspires others to be confident and follow their dreams. It’s a crucial reminder which many listeners have identified with – her previous singles have been collectively streamed more than one million times, and this queen shows no sign of slowing down.

By Marvin Ströter

Due to living in several different countries while growing up, she has become fluent in four languages, which also influence her music. She was born in Kosovo before fleeing to Sweden with her family. After spending most of her childhood there, she then spent 11 years living in Germany. Now, she is working on her eagerly awaited debut EP after moving to Los Angeles.

Ever since she was seventeen years old, the emerging singer-songwriter has consistently honed her craft. Her recent tracks are highly indicative of her clear ambition and talent. Beautifully honest, ‘Big Girls Cry’ (2018), discusses the raw feeling of heartbreak with a pounding electro-beat. By contrast, her track ‘Love For Days’ (2018), showcases the blissful phase of a relationship – still with her ethereal voice and a melodic beat, which is sure to immediately hook you in.

Known for expertly blending introspective lyrics with an anthemic chorus, her latest release, ‘Young Queen’, is no different. It marks a focus on her solo career after writing several chart-topping hits for other artists, and earning various gold and platinum plaques in the process. The track has a heartwarming sentiment at its core. It was written as a note of appreciation to her mother, as well as her homeland and Albanian roots. Her ethereal vocals are wonderfully uplifting, and the powerful percussion only serves to bolster her key message.

A credited co-writer for Ava Max’s ‘Kings & Queens’, which went platinum in twelve different countries and reached No. 1 on the U.S. Airplay Charts – her songwriting is already critically acclaimed. Her lyrics in ‘Young Queen’ are wonderfully personal and empowering, which is what makes them so effortless for others to connect with. Such as, “For the girls with their head held high, Keep it up so your crown don’t slide”, and “Lessons we learn from our mothers, Nothing but the best cause we come first.” It’s a strikingly feel-good track, celebrating femininity, self-love, and the unique bond shared by a mother and a daughter. Within the song, she sings, “I was born not a penny to my name, Where I’m from people live this way”, but follows it with, “We ain’t counting our dollars and dimes, We’re just counting on a good time”. It reminds us that our experiences and relationships with the people we love are far more important than anything with a monetary value.

On the track, Mimoza commented, “I’ve poured all of myself into this record and I want girls to see themselves as young queens and know their worth. If they are a little happier after listening to this or even a bit more confident, then I’ve done my job as an artist.”

It’s also worth mentioning that her rising presence in music has been duly noted by other industry insiders. She’s already worked with some of the top producers in the industry, including Redone (Lady Gaga, J.Lo, Jason Derulo), Shea Taylor (Beyonce), PJ Bianco (Demi Lovato, Jonas Brothers), DJ Frank E (BOB, Wiz Khalifa), amongst others.

If her latest release is anything to go by, her forthcoming EP is sure to be a perfectly-crafted, inimitable, and raw collection of songs – further proving that the new reigning queen of pop is here to stay.

You can stream her latest track ‘Young Queen’ here, and make sure to keep an eye out for her forthcoming EP.

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